The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association is a membership-based organisation, for individuals with management responsibility in a law firm or legal department of an organisation. Learn how we:

  • Helped them manage their members, easier
  • Reduced administrative burden and increased productivity
  • Implemented systems that helped them provide more to their members
  • Enabled new revenue streams

And much more.


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Our Roadmap

One of the first things we do when embarking on a new Digital Service Plan, is develop a Roadmap, detailing exactly how we will work with our client to achieve their business goals.

The work we have done with ALPMA has evolved over the course of our partnership with them.

What started as a website redesign became a process of discovery about their organisation: understanding their goals and roadblocks allowed us to recommend custom solutions which we continue to work toward and refine each year, always keeping their goals, priorities and budget in mind.

ALPMA's Digital Ecosystem (What We Did)

We design for mobile first - and that means a responsive website. With a persistent side-bar to help members get the information they want, this website was designed with improving member services in-mind.

Implementing good online document management is a matter of creating a structure, and sticking with it. What's more difficult is creating a system that pulls forward the information needed, and nothing else. This system does just that.

Members might be individuals, but it's the firm's investment. Out-of-the-box solutions couldn't manage this complex relationship between members and their employers, or the many different levels of pricing and group discounts that exist. So we created a system that would.

Major conferences and summits always pose a logistical challenge. Before the delegates arrive, they need to book into plenaries and streams, breakfasts and dinners, accomodation...or maybe just a livestream of the event. ALPMA's system handles all of this - all hosted on their existing website.

User-friendly resource library

Responsive website

Simple membership management

Custom event booking and management

People at a conference

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